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Located in North/Central New Jersey.  We're here because we want to ensure that your most precious moments are captured.  Victor Shiu has always found photography to be very interesting as one photo can be interpreted in many different ways.  When you ask him what style he shoots, he replies, "Style? i've never really thought about the style that I shoot.  If i like something, i shoot it.  But if you need a definite answer, I would say its more bright & airy and absolutely love photo-journalistic shots."  While some say that photo-journalistic photos are "luck" and "happen to be there at the right time", Victor believes that being great at photo-journalistic shots means anticipated where the "lucky photos" will come from.  His business motto?  "I don't believe that just because you're getting married, you NEED certain things.  While there are basics, don't let what your friends tell you what you MUST have.  I don't believe in offering tedious packages and trying to sell you something you don't need.  I'm not here to get every penny out of you, i'm here to offer you memories that will last a lifetime." 

Contact him now on his Contact Me now page!. Leave us a message on our guestbook, or email us with any questions. Dates are booking up fast , so inquire now! One of our clients already booked for their 2016 wedding!